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Hi Guys
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Hi, I'm New Here, Please add me

Hi Guys
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Is there anything you want me to upload ?

indiana guy looking for new friends
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Top or bottom?
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My friend says that everyone prefers top or bottom. I assured him I like both. But, thinking about it, I guess sticking my dick in an asshole has to be the coolest. Shooting a load in someone is pretty sweet, too.

What do you think?

i'm often horny and looking 4friends
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My 1'St Blog and looking 4 friends all around the world....

.....if u have a job 4 me, feel free and contact me...

Love This Guy
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After Gym Class 4
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Then he pulled himself so far from my cock that I felt his arsehole almost let my nob go, but it gripped me tight just in time and with a quicker movement swallowed it all inside again. This time I also thrust forward and I saw the muscles on his back knot up. His arse tightened, his legs went stiff and, unable to stop himself, he slipped his hands from his head and onto mine. He grasped my hands and squeezed tight. His arsehole contracted, almost crushing my inflamed cock as he pushed back hard and quick, pulling away immediately and then thrusting back again. After the third time he squeezed my hands so hard that I knew he was coming. His body froze, his sphincter grabbed at me and I felt my own cock spurt inside him. Each time I came it swelled some more, I felt it spasm, felt the heat and blast of orgasm deep inside him and felt his body tighten all around it.

We stood dead still, unable to make a sound and unable to hold each other as both of us let loose our spunk. And all the time our eyes were fixed on the prefect now washing soapy water down his back. I watched it run in little rivers until it vanished into the dark crack of his arse, saw it drip from between his legs, the hair on his balls hanging soaked beneath. I watched it run down his strong, sportsman’s legs and drain off onto the floor where it mixed with Milo’s come and ran quickly away.

‘Right you two,’ Dean suddenly spoke and I looked up. He was reaching out for a towel, grabbing wildly in his temporary blindness. ‘Get yourselves under the water now and do it properly.’

Milo let go of my hands, quickly reached behind himself and pushed me away. My cock slid from his arse and flopped, semi soft, into the steamy air as he stepped forward.

And then he turned to face me, showed me his own, still stiff cock, thick and cut, growing from a small patch of blonde pubes, dripping the last of his come from the slit. He smiled at me and winked.

‘Get a move on,’ Dean barked. He had turned off his shower and had his towel over his head.

After Gym Class 5
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By the time he finally looked back at us we were side by side under adjacent jets of water, our backs to him. No sign of what had just happened betrayed our little adventure.

‘Maybe now you’ll behave in gym class,’ Dean tutted and flicked his towel against the back of my legs.

I felt the sting, yelped and flinched. But then, as he left us to finish washing, I felt the after-sting, a dull, warming pain and decided that it felt good.

But my mind was distracted. As soon as Dean left the shower Milo lent over to me, took my aching cock in his hand, pulled me towards him and kissed me hard.
‘Let’s get into trouble again,’ he whispered.
‘I can’t wait.’

YeY The Blogs are working again.
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It only took a while to fix them lol but they are back again.

After Gym Class 3
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I couldn’t believe he was doing this and reckoned that he was trying to wind me up. But I didn’t complain; I loved the feel of my cock caught between his soft, strong, buttocks. I could feel his shoulder blades touching against my chest and the back of his head was only an inch away from my face. I could smell his sweat from gym class and see the light hairs under his arms turning wet in the spray from the shower.

Dean was rubbing shampoo into his hair and had his back to us now and I guessed that it would be a few seconds before he would be able to open his eyes and turn around. Without thinking of the consequences I took my hands from my head and reached in front. They went straight to Milo’s cock and I grabbed it, solid, wet, hard. I pulled on it a couple of times and he shoved back into me in reply.

Before I knew what had happened my cock was suddenly hot and constricted, it slipped into him and the two, perfect mounds of his arse were flat against my hips.

‘Make sure you’re paying attention,’ Dean called out as he put his head under the shower to wash the shampoo from his hair. I want to see you wash in a minute.
‘Yes Sir.’

At the sound of his voice my hands flew back to my head. If he’d turned and seen us then I hate to think what he would have done. We were locked together, my cock buried into Milo’s arse, rock solid and static, the two of us with our arms up, water splashing our faces.

I couldn’t resist; I kissed Milo on the back of the neck, silently and tenderly, he turned his head slightly to show that he didn’t mind and then he moved his hips. I felt my shaft sliding out until only the tip was left within him. And then he pushed back again, all the time our eyes stayed fixed on Dean, in case he should turn and see. But he was fumbling about for conditioner or something now, still with his back to us.

Milo pulled forward again, sliding his arsehole so easily around my cock. I felt the pressure of his buttocks lift from my hips as he moved forward and then felt them press against me again as he moved back. He did this again and each time I felt my cock swell further, my balls started to ache and my legs began to tremble. I knew that I couldn’t keep this up for long. I knew that I was going to come really quickly. I wanted to hold him around the waist, wanted to play with his prick for him but I daren’t move for fear of making too much noise or getting carried away. It didn’t matter, he seemed really happy to fuck himself on my cock, in his own time; slowly, deliberately.